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We specializes in developing affordable, custom-software solutions
for small to mid-size businesses, and in providing support for existing
Microsoft Access applications.

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About Us

So, who is "us"?

Well, "us" is really mostly just "me", Mark Liquorman; although I am associated with other computer professionals who I can call upon for specific needs. I have been in business as developer for over 30 years now, which I think does suggest a certain stability and perhaps the implication that I will be here next year also!

Why select Us?
I have always maintained that the success of the software applications I have developed is due to much more than just my computer expertise. I believe it is largely due to the combination of my experience and expertise in being able to analyze a company's needs and to providing a solution that meets those needs.

Access Experience

I have about 25 years of experience as an Access developer. More than just knowing how to use Access, I understand the concepts behind relational databases and how implementing them leads to a more usable and functional database.

"Here's a tip, if your prospective Access developer doesn't understand the concept of "Database Normalization", then keep looking!"

My understanding of Access plus my ability to help others has led to my being named a Technical Advisor for Access on the MS Developer Applications Forum on Compuserve, and as a Moderator for Woody's Access Lounge.

I don't really consider myself an Access "guru", however I guess I do have an international reputation for Access expertise.


But don't just take my word for it.  Here is the unsolicited endorsement from one of my more outgoing clients! 


Overall Experience

I have (too) many years of experience in the computer industry, and over 30 years of programming experience. But what is especially significant about this is that I haven't been working in one area, or with a single company, or even for a single industry for all those years. Indeed, it is this broad experience that enables me to bring a fresh view to every situation I am involved with. 

Some of the companies/industries I've been involved with include:


Medical Group




Vegetable Transplant Growers

Ornamental Growers


Professional Groups


Private Property Management


Public Housing

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