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Liquorman Utilities

This is a bundle of  utilities that can be run against any Access database you specify,  that currently includes these 6 functions (with more in the works):

  • Compact/Repair a database
  • Recreate Indexes and Relationships
  • Reset auto-numbers (to correct problem when duplicates are being assigned) 
  • Table Documenter (show fields, indexes, and relationships for tables in a database)
  • Remove SubDatasheets from your tables   
  • Add a field to a table    NEW!
  • See which users are in a database    NEW!
  • While some of the functions are aimed primarily for developers, others are very useful "in the field", such as at remote client sites, especially those that are using runtime versions of Access!

Of particular value is the Recreate Indexes and Relationships function, which recreates all of the indexes and relationships in a target database using another database as a blueprint.  It can be an invaluable tool.  As an example, I had a client whose database became corrupted such that we had to send it out to a service to be recovered. When it was returned, all the relationships and indexes were gone.  We had a backup that didn't have current data, but did have the current database structure (tables, relationships, and such).  I was able to recreate all the indexes and relationships on the recovered database in just a matter of a couple of minutes!  Imagine doing this manually!

The Table Documenter is primarily for developers.  The Documenter within Access seems to give too much or too little information.  My Table Documenter shows the important information for each field (you can even choose how much detail), plus it shows all the indexes on the table (both user-defined and hidden indexes created by Access), as well as all relationships the table is part of.  Imagine being able to see all the important information about a table in just 1 or maybe 2 pages!

Adding a field to a table at a client site can be a problem, especially if they are using a runtime version of Access. Liquorman Utilities allows you to do that, perhaps saving a trip to the client site!

Ever try to remotely work on a client's backend database only to be stymied because a user is still in the database? Then someone has to run around the building trying to find out which PC has it locked.  Now you can easily find out who it is!

(LiquormanUtilities2010.Zip is Access2010)
Liquorman Utilities is offered as shareware.   You can try it for free, but if you decide it is useful to you and want to keep it, a site fee of $25 would be greatly appreciated!  (See license agreement)



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